We would like to be able to buy more raws in the future, but would like a little help from you guys. No one’s forcing you, but…we’re all poor. Help us out, pleeeeeeeease?

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We would like to give special thanks to those who have helped us out monetarily.


  • Eotech, $8.00 (2014/07/15)
  • Capresexsalad, $105.00 (2014/07/30)


Thank you for your help!


6 comments on “Donations

    • I asked around, but it appears to have been taken from a wallpaper site. It’s a fanart of something…though I wish I could tell you what that something is.

    • Yo, LH here , the one who made that one, it’s a fanart of Panty and Stocking, just found out about it today XD, hope this will help you in anyway.

  1. pledging to donate 15 – 40 monthly, amount determined by how many ‘killing bites’ and “tate no yusha” chapters you guys release (if any)

    don’t drop my favorite series’ and keep up the good work, my dudes

    Throwin in some start up funds too, thanks for the great work!!!

    • I’m not sure what to say…

      I will just bow and thank you from the depths of my heart.
      Thank you so much.

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