15 comments on “KB Release

  1. Damn, I’m loving this. If only I’d be able to do ANYTHING to help I would be very happy, but I have zero experience with scans. Sigh.

      • I want to apply as a rookie, but I totally don’t want to be a burden for you. If donating can help saving the sake of this project, I’ll happily will. Please don’t die, you’re the only guys around who do a fine job nowadays.

      • lol Donations are always, always welcome. They fund both KB raws, and DKH’s last vol.

        You’re welcome to apply – I’ll see if our people can train you. However, if we decide to take you on, I’d need you to promise your commitment to the group.

  2. As I said, I don’t want to be a burden for you, and till I’m sure I’ll have enough time to dedicate to this work I will not apply for the job, teaching a rookie is long and exausting and I want to be sure that I can be of help. Anyway, I translated some scans of Soul Eater in the past in italian, so I have a certain “base” in typesetting, but I should download all the software again, paint will not do! ahah.
    Meanwhile I’ll donate what my poor pockets can to you to thank you for this work, a lot of my friends are looking into it and already fell in love. Keep it up, but don’t strees it too much, if you really can’t continue the project, don’t worry, we still appreciate the dedication.

    • We are appreciative of your support! Stick around. Our members don’t want to drop the project, so we’ll continue to do our best until it’s no longer possible.

  3. I can clean, but i don’t speak english D:
    Raw: http://puu.sh/aeHcs/0e93809476.jpg
    Clean: http://puu.sh/aeHfy/fb3da1f57f.png
    And, if you have LQ raws it would be very hard to clean D; i don’t know what kind of raw you have.
    I picked this one from a chinese site http://www.mediafire.com/download/vz6v9jzucmu96qb but i don’t know if they are MQ or HQ.
    I can help you for awhile if you want, but, no sé casi nada de inglés xD even so, i can read it with no problems D: i’m a weirdo hahaha

      • Just a little, but i really don’t want to do it because my redraw skill sucks. D;
        And i’m only interested on Killing Bites. I don’t even know your other projects ._.

  4. Thanks for the release! I don’t know if I can help you guys find some staff, but I’d like to let you know that there is some interest in this series and I hope you guys can continue scanlating it. Anyways I wish you luck in finding new staff members and great job on the scans. They’re really good! Thank you!

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