24 comments on “New Series’ Release!

  1. Thanks for these releases!
    Btw could you guys consider picking up Gin no Kerberos?
    It has nice art and a decent story.It’s been 4 month since the last scanlation though.

    • Haven’t heard of it before. We’re still trying to decide what project we’ll work on next. Maybe that will be the one – too early to say.

      Thanks for coming and reading!

  2. In the Gen-Cha! chapter page 11 & 12 are the same, is it a duplicate or is there a missing page?

    And thanks for the scans.

      • Yeah, it’s not like it takes 5 minutes of work to clean those pages by yourself, or put links instead of yours.

    • Meh the file sure is smaller but artifact is showing which means the files is being compressed, prefer to go with it’s original size than smaller size with artifact

      • @/anon

        I hope you don’t talk about pages in png, do you? Or about credit/recruit pages? Because I don’t think anyone can be this retarded…

  3. Lol you must be retarded if you think im talking about the png files. it’s the jpg(color pages) files i’m talking about *sigh*

    • Imbecile, if you think saving jpg as png will magically remove all low quality jpg artifacts, you seriously need to check your head along with your eyes. They there to begin with, and you can’t do nothing about it without some major filtering.

      • When did I said that saving jpg as png will remove the artifact O_O. I think it’s you who need to check your eyes XD

        Well w/e if you think you are right then you are right ^_^. you win congratz XD

        Let me first apologize to the admins here to start a war like this and thanx for the release and again sry for making a mess ^_^

      • >When did I said that saving jpg as png will remove the artifact

        You implied it when said about “artifact is showing”, “being compressed” and “original size”. Truth is the “original size” has the same jpg artifacts (and not even cleaned), so you don’t see anything new if you save those png as jpg with 96% quality. And you really beyond retarded if you prefer 100 MB over 40 because 3 files out of 54 in jpg, and talk about something you don’t understand at all while your eyes elsewhere.

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