6 comments on “First Release!

  1. Thank you for the release.

    Also would appreciate if you included the series title in the file name (Ideally something like: ‘SERIES_v##_c##_[GROUP]’).
    You may also want to consider changing from the default blog theme to something different.

    In regards to the scans; for the typesetting, I think you should change the font used for dialogue and increase the font size of all text slightly. Also a little bothered by the inconsistency in text sizes. One final thing, the phrasing of some sentences is awkward so I’d suggesting seeking the aid of a proof reader.

    Any way thanks again and looking forward to further releases.

    • Fairly noted.

      I am thinking about using a different font for dialogues, but I need something that can go lowercase as well to keep the flow of sentence intact with English language conventions.

      As for the text sizes, I’ll try to be more consistent, but I am going with relatively small text sizes because 1) they look better overall, and 2) they are not impossible to read and not everyone is blind.

      As for the sentencing. If you would like to provide better translation and proofreading, either 1) take it up with the other staff or 2) join and fix it yourself =D

  2. I really like the font but the size was a bit small at sometimes but not unreadable. I like to join as a cleaner but I never had experience. I don’t have Photoshop so if there is a free software I can use to clean pls tell me. I also can’t clean consistently but will try my best.

    • Hello there, thank you for your interest!

      The manga we are currently working on require a bit of experience, if you take into mind the redraws required and the state of the raws themselves.

      As for the font size situation, we have been made aware of this problem and will rectify it with the next release.

      Hope you’ll come back to read the second chapter!

    • Okay, okay. I will up the font size in the next release. Thanks for the feedback! This is my first time heading up an independent project and choosing the fonts, so it was more of a gamble for me. I am glad for the feedback. Be sure to continue following us!!!

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